Tuesday, June 4, 2019

A Light and Breezy Wrap Dress For Spring

Spring is in full swing and it seems like the weather is finally evening out a bit here in Massachusetts. There's a fresh coating on pollen on the outdoor table every few hours even if I rinse it away. My peonies are blooming and my dahlias are starting to come up. I'm going to keep things short and sweet today as I've been sitting here for over an hour trying to think of something to share with all of you.

I talked about this earlier this week in an Instagram caption but I also wanted to address it here. Sometimes when it comes to writing posts I struggle to find a balance between maintaining my privacy (since I am such a private person) and sharing with you all to foster genuine connections with people. I've been trying to get better at this which is why you've seen me more on Instagram Stories lately. The ones where I'm just talking to my phone are so out of my comfort zone (anyone else??) so I've been trying to do it more and more until it becomes easy for me. Authentic connection with followers who choose to follow you because they love something about what you're doing is so much more meaningful than paying people to follow you and like your photos. They're really only following you because they want free stuff. I wish people wouldn't enter these types of giveaways so the madness would stop. 

What I'm Wearing: 

Dress: Loft, Also in plus size | Heels: Sam Edelman (Old but similar here) | Bag: Target

This dress is made of super soft and light fabric so it's perfect for hot spring days and summer. It's a real wrap dress and has a button at the top to hold it closed, which is wonderful if you have bigger boobs. It has the prettiest details and is just interesting enough without going over the edge. Bonus! It's machine washable, because is there anything more annoying than getting a new dress and then realizing it's going to be a pain to clean? The heels are Sam Edelman from a few years ago. I was able to hunt down the exact pair online. My bag is from Target and it's under $30! 

Also, I will be back on Mass Appeal next Tuesday at 11 a.m. I'll be sharing my tips for traveling with just a carry-on live! You can tune in live online here or I will be emailing it out once it's online to my newsletter subscribers. You can sign up for that here.


  1. You look so happy ♡♡ perfect !! Also your dress is stunning very sytlish!

    Jadieegosh   Instagram

  2. Such a pretty dress, love the dainty floral print <3

    Green Fashionista

  3. You look pretty.. perfect for summer.


  4. This dress is so pretty! And I have been struggling with this too. Trying to figure out what's healthy balance of sharing to my readers while maintaining my privacy. We'll get there girl!


  5. Beautiful! I love Sam Edelman shoes.


  6. Wrap dresses are so pretty and feminine - I love this on you! I also feel the struggle between my public and personal life, but always want to respect others privacy since they didn’t choose to write a public blog! It’s a fine balance!

  7. In love to this spring looking dress
    So chic babe.

    Much Love,

  8. I love a wrap dress for spring and this one is really cute. Also love that it's not too short because they all seem to be mini at the moment!

    Jenny | Local Leo


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