Monday, February 6, 2017

The Power of Positivity

There seems to be an extraordinary amount of negativity floating around lately. I, for one have always felt that I was super sensitive to energies both positive and negative. We have all encountered situations or people and gotten a "vibe" from them that either drew us in or cautioned us to steer clear.

Awhile ago I was reading about this Japanese man who did this really interesting experiment with water. He put the water in jars and taped positive phrases and words on the outside to some of them and negative words and phrases to others and spoke them aloud to the water. He also exposed the samples to different pictures and music. He then froze the water and looked at the ice crystals through a microscope. The water that was exposed to the positive words and music made crystals with beautiful and intricate patterns. On the other hand the water exposed to the negativity only made these ugly blob-like crystals. I thought that was so interesting, since we as humans are mostly made up of water. Everything we experience is just a combination of energetic vibration so this actually made sense to me.

There are so many beautiful treasures in this world that you can develop an interest in and surround yourself with: fascinating people, lovely things, wonderful literature, magnificent art, and breathtaking music. Don't ever apologize for walking away from people or situations that make you feel bad in any way, as they may be having a bigger effect on you than you realize. Just some food for thought on this Monday. Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. LOVE this post! I'm so interested in positive and negative energies.

    Hope that you have a great week and that you are feeling better!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  2. I completely agree with hat you said in your last paragraph. Bookmarking this for me to read when I have my bad days.

    I am looking for someone to collaborate and guest post with if you're interested :)


  3. Wow that is an interesting experiment and amazed by the outcome! I think this just proves how powerful positivity is!

  4. Really inspiring post! This was definitely something that I needed to read today. :)

  5. I love this. Positivity is so important and something we need to see a lot more of. Beautifully Candid

  6. Wow that was so interesting, I feel the same way about all the negativity lately

  7. Absolutely love this post! The water experiment sounds so interesting, it really is a good reminder that we need to surround ourselves with positivity and also talk kindly to ourselves! Thanks for the positive post :)

    Lauren Lindmark

  8. Absolutely love this post!
    Thanks for the positive post and keep up all the happy thought

    Lizzie | Takeoffs & Landings

  9. Loved this post! Positivity is so much needed in our life!

  10. What an interesting experiment and perfect metaphor for life.

  11. Thank you for sharing such beautiful article. I read about this gentleman as well. It is so true, we have to be grateful and count our blessings.

  12. Very inspirational! 100% agree!Feels good to get a little motivation kick to start the week!

  13. Very inspirational! 100% agree!Feels good to get a little motivation kick to start the week!

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