Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October Beauty Favorites

Was it just me, or did October seem to fly by? I'm back with another set of monthly favorites. Let me know what you have been loving lately down in the comments.

Kari Gran Lip Whips c/o
These are a new holy grail lip product for me. They come in tinted and non-tinted versions. The image on the left is the shade Radiant and the one on the right is the Peppermint Tinted version. Radiant is quite a bit more pigmented than the other one, but both offer a nice sheer and natural tint on my lips. These are somewhere between a chapstick, lip gloss, and lipstick. They're moisturizing and don't contain any toxins or harmful ingredients. The packaging is also really chic, I love the little screw top pots!

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Hair Oil c/o
This hair oil is loaded with nourishing plant oils. It has argan, jojoba, kukui nut, and pine needle oil. I've been using this instead of plain argan oil on my hair when I get out of the shower. It has a nice natural and coastal smell, but it isn't overpowering so it shouldn't be a problem even if you're sensitive to scented products. A little goes a long way, all you need is a few drops for all of your hair. This oil does a really great job of taming frizz and adding shine without weighting my hair down. You can also use it as a scalp treatment if you want. Finally, the packaging is really cute which is just an added bonus.

Captain Blankenship Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray c/o
I'm a huge fan of sea salt and texturizing sprays. Many of you might not know this but I have naturally wavy hair; so if I let it air dry it's actually pretty curly. I also always use a texturizing spray after I curl my hair to get it to lay the way I like and look a bit less perfect. I've been alternating back and fourth between the original Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Spray and this shimmer version which has mica in it. It may look really gold and a little scary in the bottle, but the effect is really pretty and subtle when you apply it. Both this shimmer version and the original give your hair great texture without being stiff, sticky, or dry. Similar to the hair oil this has a nice natural smell; it's a different scent but still not overpowering by any means.

Beautycounter Touchup Skin Concealer Pen c/o
Every year when fall comes my skin freaks out. The seasonal change wreaks havoc for some reason so I've been reaching for this a lot lately. The formula is really light but still has great coverage for both dark circles and redness. It's hydrating but not heavy and doesn't crack or crease like a lot of other concealers I've tried. I have the color "light", which is the second lightest shade and it's a perfect match for my skin tone. Unfortunately, the only down side is that the shade range is a bit limited especially if you have a darker skin tone.

essie Gel Couture
I know I've mentioned to you all before that I have to have my nails painted all the time and chipped polish makes me cringe. However, I can't remember if I also told you about how fast regular nail polish chips on me. Usually within 24 hours I have at least one really bad chip, have to take the polish off and repaint that nail and then wait for it to dry all over again. I don't really enjoy going to get my nails done either, I'd rather do it myself. So I was really excited when the essie Gel Couture line came out. This stuff lasts a week on me without chipping. Total game changer for me.

Disclaimer: Some of the products in this post were gifted in exchange for review consideration. However, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Petite in Pearls. 


  1. I might have to try the new Essie polishes. I get gels every couple weeks but my nails could totally use a break. Chipped nails drive me nuts too, so this would be a good in-between option!

    1. You'll have to let me know if you do, and what shades are your favorite!

  2. The new Gel Couture collection is the best!

    Lauren xo // The Right to Remain Fabulous

  3. Ooh I have some shopping to do!! That nail polish sounds awesome.

  4. I'm so glad to hear your like Essie Gel Couture! I'll admit that my pet peeve is also chipped polish. I've been dying to find a gel-like polish that actually works. I'll definitely be trying Essie next time I stop at the store! :)


  5. Thanks for sharing your favs! Now I want to try the Essie Gel :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. I love your October favorites. Can you believe that I bought the Essie gel today? I really like it. Thank you for sharing your tips!

  7. No girl it is definitely not you! October FLEW by!! And great picks by the way! <3

    xo, jess

  8. Oo I want to try the Beautycounter concealer pen! I seriously can't believe it's November already!

  9. these captain blankenship products look really gorgeous! thank u so much for sharing your favorites with us!!! <3


  10. that mermaid oil sounds nice.. love the name

  11. I would love to try the concealer pen! Looks so good and the pen is simply beautiful. I've never seen something similar in the market and I'm always on the loop to try new makeup products to enhance woman natural beauty.


  12. I so need that hair oil, it looks divine!

    xx Madeleine

  13. I just love a great cap and this pink is just adorable.


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