Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Five Tips for Traveling with a Dog

As it starts to warm up, I'm going to start taking more day-trips. I like to bring my dog with me as often as I can. She has separation anxiety and wants to be with me every second of the day. I only leave her alone for short periods of time and she is sure to make me feel extremely guilty every single time. I wanted to put together some tips to help you have a successful trip if you decide to bring your best friend along.

Do your research. // Before I take Penny to a new town or city I like to research dog-friendly shops, restaurants, hotels, etc on websites like Bring Fido. I also follow BarkPost on Facebook, they often post lists of places that allow dogs .This gives me an idea of where I can take her and where I will be able to grab a bite to eat while I have her with me without having to go through a drive-through. Some places even have a special menu for dogs!

Pack a to-go bag. // I generally pack a separate bag for Penny with some treats, a bottle of water, her travel bowl, poop bags, her mat, and a sweater if it's cold. Sometimes I feel like a mom carrying a diaper bag around, but I want to be prepared for anything and everything. This gives her a clean place to lay down, something to drink, and a little snack. You might also want to pack some grooming wipes or towels if you are going somewhere dirty or muddy.

Bring high-value treats. // There are going to be a ton of new smells and distractions, so it's important to bring treats that your dog goes crazy for. This way if you need to get and keep their attention for any reason you are ready.

Use a sturdy leash and collar. // Before you leave make sure that your dog's collar is fitted properly so they can't slip out of it, but it also check that it isn't too tight. You also want to make sure the leash that you're using to be sure that it is sturdy. I wouldn't recommend using a retractible leash, they can be a bit scary and dangerous.

Check the weather. // This gives you an idea of the temperature and if it's going to rain for not beforehand. Then you can then pack more effectively. If it's going to be hot you can bring extra water, if there are going to be rain showers you can bring towels and a raincoat.

Do you like to travel with your dog? Do you have any additional tips?


  1. We're about to take our first road trip with our dog next week! This post is coming at JUST the right time!!!

  2. These are great tips! I don't have a dog myself, but I know quite a few people who could use this!

  3. Totally agree with these tips! We always travel with our dog and it is seriously like packing for a baby!

  4. Im getting a puppy in a month and I travel alot! thanks for this tips!
    The New Girl Blog

  5. Agree!!!

  6. This is great! Dogs should also have fun! Nice post and dog!

  7. This was so fun to read! Your dog is so cute! I don't have a dog, but I would take these all into consideration if I did
    I would bring my dog with me everywhere I could too!



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