Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tria Hair Removal Laser Update

I'm so excited to be updating you guys on my progress with the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x. So far, I've used it as directed, once every other week on both my bikini line and underarms. The device gives you the option of five different levels of strength so that you can use whichever is the most comfortable for you. One being the lowest setting, and five being the highest setting; I have been using it at around three. After the first use, I didn't see any immediate results but as the hair began to grow back I noticed sections were growing back slower and thinner. After the second use, I'm noticing that these sections are growing larger. If I used it at the highest setting I think I would be seeing faster results but I'm comfortable where I am right now and happy with the results I'm getting. It just means I may have to use the device a few additional times for the results I'm looking for. I did use it once on my legs to see the difference since the areas I decided to test it out on first were very sensitive areas and I wanted to see if I was able to use it on a higher setting in a less sensitive area. For my legs I was able to use the highest setting no problem. I'm excited to use the device more and start seeing more progress. I'll be getting you guys a progress photo with my next update!

Just a reminder, unfortunately the device is only safe to use on people who have light skin and dark hair as the technology works by targeting dark pigment under the skin. If you have darker skin and dark hair or light skin and light hair the device cannot determine your hair from you skin and it may cause damage to your skin.

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  1. I'm glad you having success! This sounds like such an interesting product and I'm really hoping it works out, because I feel like this would be so awesome to have during the summer. Trying to keep up with shaving every other night is very annoying.

    Running Alyssa

    1. You're lucky, I have to shave every day because my hair grows really fast! I'll definitely keep you guys updated as I go along using it!

  2. This might work for me! It would be the perfect solution for summer, and I'm thinking of trying it out.
    Julia // Little Miss Haute Couture

    1. You should give it a go! They have a 30 or 60 day money back guarantee so if you aren't seeing results you can send it back!

  3. What a problem solver! This would be amazing for me! Being part Mexican I have very dark hair from my dad but light skin from my mom. I might have to give the Precision a shot! I'd love to hear more about your progress as you continue to use it.

  4. Great review! I'd love to give this a try but my hair is quite light!

    P.s have you seen my Inks box? Check out the 'shop' link on my blog


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