Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Furry Footwear: Fashionable + Functional Boots for Dogs

I had been looking for a pair of boots for Penny Lane to help protect her paws from our harsh winters here in Massachusetts when I ran across Furry Footwear. They offer so many great options for dog footwear. Shoes on dogs are not just a fashion statement, it's also about safety and cleanliness. If you're walking around in the city the ground is filthy and your dog is walking on it with bare feet. There may even be sharp objects that could cut their paw. In the winter, ice and salt can really bother dog's feet. Their paws can get cut, or raw and really irritated. It's important to protect them from these elements.

I had a really pleasant experience getting the boots. I measured Penny's feet according to their sizing chart, and like she usually is with clothes she was strangely between sizes, so I contacted their customer support to be sure. They were so helpful and helped me get Penny the right size for her feet. We decided on the Chicago boots as they would match most of her cold weather outfits the best. The first time we tried them on was a little challenging, sometimes Penny Lane can be a bit stubborn. If you are buying boots or any shoes for your dog for the first time don't get discouraged if when you try them on it's a nightmare. Be patient! Your dog will get used to the shoes!

We took Penny Lane out in the snow and her feet were warm and protected, which made me feel better. I always get really nervous her feet will get cut on the ice or start burning from salt/ice melt products. She still tries to buck them off a little bit but once she gets walking she forgets that they're on her feet and just walks normally. Penny Lane loves to be outside and we go for walks no matter what the weather. I'm glad that her feet are now protected, not to mention how cute they look! I keep sending pictures and videos of Penny in the boots and everyone gets the biggest kick out of it. I'm thinking about trying a different pair of shoes in the summer, because they also have little sneakers that would protect her paws from the hot asphalt.


  1. Oh my word- so cute! :) Penny is such a pretty dog- and the boots are precious.

  2. Those pictures made me squeal, too cute! I'm pretty sure I would lose a few fingers trying to get booties on Misa but what a great way to keep the paws clean from salt!

  3. wow that is the cutest puppy ever!


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