Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Getting Crafty With Graham & Brown Wallpaper

Graham & Brown sent me this beautiful Halloween wallpaper to play with. There are so many things you can do with wallpaper other than decorate your walls. You can make it into a table runner, use it to hang over doors, etc. Here, I used it in a couple different ways. I made envelopes and put it in frame to decorate for Halloween.

To place the wallpaper in the frame I just grabbed a frame at my local dollar store and cut the wallpaper into the desired size and placed it in the frame. You could place these around the house using the little kickstand on the back of the frames or hang them temporarily using those Command strips for pictures.

To make the envelopes I simply found an extra envelope laying around and gently took it apart. Then I placed it on the back of the wallpaper and traced it, cut it out, folded the edges in, and glued it together. You can make these envelopes with any wallpaper. They would make a great gift in a pack with a little ribbon tied around them and they are so simple and easy to make!


  1. How creative! Look like a fun DIY activity. (:


  2. I am loving those! Very creative and perfect for halloween!

  3. Oooh seriously love the idea of turning it into envelopes, great idea!

  4. Cool idea! Very inspirational.Love it!


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