Monday, September 8, 2014

Modern Rustic Elegance

Featuring the home of Emily A. Clark, all images via Style Me Pretty Living. Photography by Caroline Lima.

I am absolutely in love with this home. It's rustic and elegant, classic but still modern. I love all the neutrals with pops of color and exciting prints. It just feels so inviting. This is a home with character and polish.


  1. Those striped walls are fantastic! Such beautiful photos!

  2. I love it! We just moved about a month ago, and I have been obsessed with all things home decor recently. That striped wall is amazing!


    1. Isn't it just wonderful? The whole house is warm and light filled! I can't even pick a favorite room!

  3. Beautiful pics! You inspired me to change my bedroom decor! ;)


  4. I love this post, it gives a perfect example on how something can be rustic and neat at the same time. Great post!
    Plaid Is My Favourite Colour

  5. Nice photos! This apartment is decorated in such a great style!


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