Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beauty Review: Macadamia Oil

I was sent a variety of products from Macadamia Natural Oil to try out. Here is my breakdown of each product I tried: 

I've used a few hair oils in the past mostly argan oils and liked how they worked but haven't been super blown away by any of the products that I've tried. I was expecting more of the same from this product but I kind of fell in love. First of all, it smells amazing. I think my absolute favorite thing about it is that it really does help reduce drying time which is a huge bonus for me (on days where I do decide to blow dry my hair) because my hair is really thick and takes forever to dry. It makes my hair soft and silky and not at all oily even on day two which sometimes seems to happen when I've used argan oil products. A little goes a long way. This was my favorite product in the bunch that I tried.

This also smelled amazing and seemed to really nourish my hair. I only had enough to use it once so it's hard to really give you a full review on the product but I was happy with my hair until I washed it again.

This product smelled good but my least favorite smelling product. When I rinsed it out I immediately noticed a difference with how smooth my hair was. Again, this was a smaller sample so I only had enough for one use so I can't really say much more beyond that.

Generally, when I use a cleansing conditioner after I have used it for a few washes my hair starts to look dingy and greasy and I have to alternate cleansing conditioner with regular shampoo and conditioner. When I used this, I didn't use the healing oil treatment because I wanted to see how it worked on by itself and it still dramatically cut down on drying time. It left my hair bouncy and shiny even after a second wash, not oily and gross. Definitely my favorite cleansing conditioner that I've tried so far. I would recommend checking this out if you love the idea of cleansing conditioners but haven't had the best of luck with them.


  1. The healing oil treatment sounds awesome!! Great review!

  2. I definitely have to try them!

    Xoxo Gaelle from preppy-navy.blogspot.com

  3. Great review, I've heard of this, would love to try it.
    Style Savouring


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