Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Spotlight: In The Pink

"Despite the forecast, live like it's spring." - Lilly Pulitzer

Yesterday I had the privilege of stopping by one of my favorite stores, In The Pink, to check out Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2014. For those of you who don't know they are a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store here in New England. Despite the crazy cold and snow outside it definitely felt like spring in the store. Every time I go to In The Pink it is such a fabulous experience, not only because I am an avid Lilly Lover but because the girls are always so friendly and helpful. If you ever have the chance to pop into one I definitely recommend it! You can also shop at their online store

I can always count finding something from Lilly that fits me like a dream. I wish I could have taken home every single piece I tried on. Here are some of my favorites: 

Robyn Dress + In a Knot Necklace 
Delia Shift + Kristin Leather Wedge + Knock Out Envelope 
Briella Dress + Kristin Leather Wedge + Bow Tie Belt
Briella Dress  + Downtown Crossbody + McKim Sandal 
Yvette Dress In a Knot Necklace
Robyn Dress + Kristin Leather Wedge 
In The Pink has several locations across Massachusetts including: 
  • Nantucket
  • Boston
  • Mashpee
  • Edgartown
  • Falmouth
  • Chatham
  • Osterville
Please visit their website for more details.

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  1. Love the Robyn and Yvette dresses on you!! We need all the help with can get with feeling like Spring will come this year haha!

  2. Ahh I love these! I wish somewhere around here sold Lilly!! D:


    1. You can always order it online! They usually have free shipping and returns!

  3. so cute! I always love their store!!

  4. i love Lily! that striped Briella dress is so cute! it must have been nice to feel so springy in this cold!

  5. I am SO into the Robyn dress! Just seeing you wearing it here fills me with jealousy, lol! And the Yvette fits like it was made for you.

    -- Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

  6. I need all of these dresses.
    and that purse in the first pic is fabulous. looking gorgeous!

  7. I love all of these dresses, they are stunning! I love all your pics, you look perf in all the dresses. My favorite dress is definitely the briella dress, it's gorgeous.


  8. Ahhh I literally want one of everything in that store! The dresses all looked great on you!

  9. I absolutely ADORE the new Lilly Spring collection!

  10. Love Lilly Pulitzer and I LOVE their new collection! You're so lucky to get a first look! That striped dress looks fabulous on you!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  11. I love Lilly and their new spring line is amazing!


  12. oh my goodness this store looks like heaven!! These dresses look so cute on you!!

    xo Jess

  13. I love everything! I would totally live in a Lilly Pulitzer store if I could!


  14. Lovely dresses, I especially love the striped blue one =)
    Following you =)


  15. Oh my goodness I'm in love with all the bright colors and bold patterns! This is getting me even more excited for spring!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

  16. You look absolutely beautiful in all of the dresses! Reading this post put me in the mood for Spring. The Briella dress is my favorite.



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